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Analyze and track your SEO using the 20 free SEO tools. Keoby helps you to analyze your website and its positioning on the search engines, but also on the community sites. Analyze your competitors and determine the technical equipment they use for their SEO. Optimize your SEO strategy based on your keywords and your links. Determine the visibility and popularity of your domain name. Our online tools tells you exactly how your pages are seen by search engines, so you can optimize your SEO campaigns.

Webmaster Tools

Find your position on the website Are you present on the major social networking sites and the most important directories? Did search engines find malware and viruses on your domain? Find the location of the web server. Discover indexed pages on the web.

SEO Toolkit

Protect your text from spammers. Edit your meta tags and og properties. Create a strong and secure password. Transform a text in MD5/SHA-1 Hashing. Remove duplicate content. Code your text in html. Convert UNIX Time. Give your text the right length.

Domain tools

Find all the informations about a domain, its webmaster and the server which communicate with your browser. Locate the owner or the agency behind a website and the technic used. Domain name is useful for webmasters to understand the size and capacities of the society or person which gives you these pages.

Web Page analyzer

Of course, the most important is the content of your web page, this is what you're referring to. Take a look at how many keywords are present in your web page, how many H-headings or italic iframe you missed. How long are your main meta-tags (such as title or description). Check the robots.txt and sitemap files.

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